Shaheed Sanjay Singh Mahila College

(Affiliated from Veer Kunwar Singh University,Ara) Bhabhua, Kaimur, Bihar - 821101

About college

Shaheed Sanjay Singh Mahila College is situated at Bhabua, the district head -quarter of Kaimur of Bihar state. It is a permanent affiliated unit and this college has been included in the list of colleges prepared under section 2(f) of the U.G.C Act 1956 under the head Non-Government college Teaching up to Bachelor,s Degree of Veer Kunwar Singh University Ara. This  college was established in 1981 by those guardians, educationists, social worker and faminests of Bhabua who wanted a separate campus for women pertaining to higher education at Bhabua.

In the March 1985 the Anath Seva Trust Board, Bhabua started his function as a management committee of this institution. Since then the D.M of this district has been chairman and the S.D.M of this Subdivision has been secretary.

This college campus stands at about 2.5 acre level. The college is well equipped with labs and very rich library. Besides this other facilities such as play ground, auditorium, girl’s common Room and Bus for travelling.

This college provides education in science, arts and commerce, a part from these this college offers IGNOU, N.C.C, N.S.S facilities. To meet the challenges of employment, the college is providing coaching for entry in services and carrier society in collaboration with teaching  staffs.

In 2002 the governing Body of this institution decided to add the name of late Sanjay Singh (I.F.S) with the name of this institution. H.R.D of Govt. of Bihar approved this proposal to add the name “Shaheed Sanjay Singh Mahila College Bhabua. Sanjay Singh IFS played important role in the struggle of saving common property resources and maintenance of ecological balance of all life forms human, animal and plants.

Belief and Mission

The college believes that human life is blessing from the almighty and its purpose the benefit of its kind that this world is a beautiful place and is made more beautiful by young women.

  • That every women is a potential messiah
  • That education is to provide every woman its opportunity to strive and lead the world.

Propelled by these beliefs, the college strives to accomplish the following mission:-

  • To make every students know there is good in him and that his every action affects the well being of her fellow women.
  • Provide Good nature in every student & valuable life for all living beings.
  • To make belive in every student the great Indian values and insert in them, the respect for mother land, holymen and all old elders.

The motto of Shaheed Sanjay Singh Mahila college

Bhabua :-

Our motto is work for other, welfare and safety of others. Services first and the self second is a motto of ours. Own aim is to provide the an atmosphere enriched with love and care to enhance students most vital personalities.

Principal Desk:-

Dear Guardians,
Shaheed Sanjay Singh Mahila College has taken up some activities to Promote higher education for the empowerment of women who have been contributing in making the nation great.

We believe in the dignity, prosperity, prestige and wroth of each student and recognize the importance of her responsibilities of her follow women in the world community.

I have confidence that education is a tool that arise awareness in society. The ideal system of education will be the advancement of life, advancement of the highest powers, ability and capacity.

Governing Body :-

D.M. Kaimur  President –  Ex- officio
S.D.M Bhabua Secreatry – Ex- officio


V.K.S university Ara Member
M.L.A/M.P/M.L.C Member
Land Donor  Member
Principal Member